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Title Book: Weapons of Mass Deception
Author : Sheldon Rampton
ISBN 10: 1585422762
ISBN 13: 9781585422760
Publisher : Penguin
Category : History / Military / General
Languages : en
Pages : 248
File Size : 53,9 Mb
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Description :

Weapons of Mass Deception reveals:

  • How the Iraq war was sold to the American public through professional P.R. strategies.

  • "The First Casualty": Lies that were told related to the Iraq war.

  • Euphemisms and jargon related to the Iraq war, e.g. "shock and awe," "Operation Iraqi Freedom," "axis of evil," "coalition of the willing," etc.

  • "War as Opportunity": How the war on terrorism and the war on Iraq have been used as marketing hooks to sell products and policies that have nothing to do with fighting terrorism.

  • "Brand America": The efforts of Charlotte Beers and other U.S. propaganda campaigns designed to win hearts overseas.

  • "The Mass Media as Propaganda Vehicle": How news coverage followed Washington's lead and language.

The book includes a glossary ? "Propaganda: A User's Guide" ? and resources to help Americans sort through the deceptions to see the strings behind Washington's campaign to sell the Iraq war to the public.